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  • Am I able to customize my order?
    Yes. Some products offer limited customization such as the custom vinyl on the balloon with a limit number of characters. If you would like to change the product further (beyond colours) with, for example, different style of balloons or extra balloons or theme-specific balloons we are happy to do it. Some extra cost may apply depending on the requirement. Please send us the base product and your ideas to
  • Will the product I receive be the exact same as the photo?
    Photos listed in our website and social media accounts are for reference only. Most of our products are very similar to the ones in the photos but we reserve the right to slightly modify it for a better, more impactful result or to better match the theme or occassion of your celebration.
  • Do you offer same-day delivery?
    Yes, we do offer same-day delivery on specific items and depending on availability. Please call us at 647-890-4401 before placing your order to confirm availability.
  • For how long can I expect the balloons to float?
    We use only the best quality materials and we add products that make balloons last longer. However, balloons life depend greatly on how they are manage and the conditions where they are at. Most balloons will float for 48h indoors. Balloons that are air filled can last from 1 week to a month if there is no direct sun-light or anything stressing it. These times don't apply to balloons outdoors.
  • What is the liquid inside the balloon?
    We use a non-toxic, water soluble product called Hi-Float in most of our helium-filled balloons to extend their floating time. If a balloon pops and the product is still liquid you can easily clean it with regular water.
  • Is there a floating time guarantee?
    We guarantee that we will deliver the balloons in good conditions, but float times are not guaranteed. Helium-filled latex balloon float times may vary depending on the size and style. Each product listing includes the estimated float time for that particular arrangement in the description. When ordering balloons, we recommend scheduling the delivery on the day of your event. Cold air, hot air, high humidity, changing barometric pressure, high altitudes, and moving air from fans and vents will reduce balloon float times. Changing conditions mean that on some balloons may float for only one day, and on other occasions the same balloons may float for several. Ana Karina Balloons is not responsible for any products installed or taken outdoors.
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